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Commercial, Industrial and Retail Rent Reviews

When the rental or lease agreement of a residential or commercial property is expired or about to be renewed. Landlords might suspect that their tenant’s current rate of rent is below the market value and therefore seek a rental review valuation. Conversely, a tenant might want to discover if a proposed rent increase is justified and themselves seek such a valuation. Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, McLaughlin Property Services can complete an unbiased, educated and up-to-date rent review valuation that will guide you when renegotiating your lease.

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20 Years of Property Experience

Mclaughlin Property Services is poised to offer its clients reliable, accurate and thoroughly researched property valuations for their commercial, residential, industrial, retail, and development concerns.

With almost 20 years’ experience in the local and surrounding real estate industry, we have the depth of knowledge and understanding necessary to give clients the peace of mind that their land has been valued at its correct and fair value.

No matter the reason, clients can trust Mclaughlin Property Services to deliver a valuation that stands up to scrutiny.

Thorough and Timely Valuations

There are many property valuation companies in Sydney offering their services. However, we like to think that our reliability and experience set us apart.

We operate independently, governed only by our membership in the Australian Property Institute, the professional industry body for all property valuers. As such, clients can trust that McLaughlin Property Services produces land valuations based on extensive research of the land itself and its position within the historical and current market. It is our commitment to being professionals who deliver reliable and exact land valuations for our clients in a comprehensive and timely manner which further sets us apart.

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